The Message I Was Given

 Last night I was suddenly awoken by a loud voice. I listened closely for more, but heard nothing. My neighbors across the hall were drug dealers. It wouldn't be the first time I awoke to an argument, but this was different.

 I closed my eyes. Then, just as sleep was about to take over me I heard it again. In that moment fear began to manafest itself in my mind. I was alone in this city, but the voice had spoken my name.

 One again I laid my head upon my pillow. I stared ahead blankly into the red glow of my nightstand alarm. The numbers changed. They changed again. They continued to change for period of time when at last my mind was at ease. The voice however, would not relent. Again it spoke my name, "Michael!" Anger and fear broke though my mind to my lungs and I yelled, "Speak! Why are you doing this to me?"

 He replied, "My name is God, and" he paused for a moment.

 I never heard the voice again.